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This community is made by n_aya_n and siiy who are both sixteen and live in Europe(you can say, next to each other.)n_aya_n lives in Germany and siiy lives in The Netherlands. We both like anime and good cosplayers.
I'll mostly make Rozen Maiden (LURV), CLAMP and Arina Tanemura icons XD maybe some Naw-rue-toe icons, too but my icons are rather shiny and that just doesn't goes with shounen pics XD Maybe I'll make icons with real people, too but if yes, not a lot xD And i'm slow with updates XD but because of that, i'll make extra thingies too xD like colorbars and such x3 If i make Naruto icons, I won't make any Hinata icons >_>; HATE
I'm a fan of lots of series, Angel Sanctuary, Trinity Blood, Desire Climax, Koukou Debut, Bleach, Naruto, Sailormoon, Tsubasa Chronicle Reservoir, etc. I also love games (FF) most of the time I'm always sitting in front of a screen, if not that, you'll see me with a book in the hands. 8D; You wont see me posting any real life people I do try to make icons with them but it's that I can't find a good style to use on those kind of icons :D;
[-]Don't claim as your own.
[-]Comment if you take an icon.
[-]Credit either n_aya_n or siiy or ohnoez_icons
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