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I'm not taking any requests anymore - I quit reading Bleach (Got bored of waiting so I decided to drop Bleach and get into other series.) and I hardly have any time to open photoshop at all - this is my final year and exams, essay are coming my way and I'm going crazy. I hope some of you understand this.

[4]KouKou Debut this serie needs more love! :D

*The reason why all the pictures are from recent chapters, is because I just got into it, I started reading from the moment Ulquoirra appeared in it ._. And then just... It happened *_*; I'm open for requests if you want me to make a love banner of a character, or pairing.


*I know that the last picture isn't Hollow Ichigo, but I thought it would fit with it since it's a battle between Hollow Ichigo and Ichigo.

[-]Please save them on your own server, thank you very much! :D
[-]Don't remove the link to this post, please xD;
[-]Enjoy! :D

Tags: bleach, espada, koukou debut, love banners
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